Lao Active Travel                                                                                   License No.001/ຄກທ

Lao Active Travel is a professional travel agent, operated and managed by our local team with more than 10 years experience in travel business in Laos. We offer various itineraries for the very best way with high standard of service to explore authentic and unique Laos.

It is our passion to return each client home from their tour fully satisfied, knowing that they received only the very finest of care, dedication and service while on holiday in Laos.

We have selected all itineraries out of our own field experience, ranging from classic touring to more adventurous traveling throughout the country. This enables you to explore the authentic Laos, its history, culture, religion, nature and people

While tourism can bring economic benefit to communities, we attempt to have this benefit spread equitably and we also try to minimize negative impact on traditional cultures and support fostering of crafts, arts, and cultural integrity.

We feel confident that your first tour experience with us, most certainly will not be your last. We look forward to preparing your grand and truly unforgettable holiday.